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Born in the Summer

Introduction This story is about the unfortunate life of a young girl who had to be battling a terminal illness. I met her when I took part in a volunteer job in a hospital. The life was not fair to her, she - a pretty girl - was not able to cope with that illness and left this world on the day she was full 20. The story of her life drained my tears. I decided to write it down by full of my heart. Hope you guys read the story attentively.
Many thanks! Lan
Hanoi, 17 August 2011
A summer came, my birthday also came, but my life was reduced by one more year. I looked at the left-over-features of a crying child in the face that has changed over time. I laughed. My point-finger moved along my lips with a bright and fresh smile. There was an evil guy used to tell my mom that I would die when I would be full 20. That sinister fortune teller with the philosophy of the realm of ignorance made my mom worried a lot. At that time, I only was two years old. And then, I was about to turn 20, my smile…