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Born in the Summer

Introduction This story is about the unfortunate life of a young girl who had to be battling a terminal illness. I met her when I took part in a volunteer job in a hospital. The life was not fair to her, she - a pretty girl - was not able to cope with that illness and left this world on the day she was full 20. The story of her life drained my tears. I decided to write it down by full of my heart. Hope you guys read the story attentively.
Many thanks! Lan
Hanoi, 17 August 2011
A summer came, my birthday also came, but my life was reduced by one more year. I looked at the left-over-features of a crying child in the face that has changed over time. I laughed. My point-finger moved along my lips with a bright and fresh smile. There was an evil guy used to tell my mom that I would die when I would be full 20. That sinister fortune teller with the philosophy of the realm of ignorance made my mom worried a lot. At that time, I only was two years old. And then, I was about to turn 20, my smile…

My lover is working in acting

Introduction The story you will read is told by an actress who fell in love with her colleague - an actor and lost in a love triangle among her, her "boyfriend", and another girl who her boyfriend loves. This story is also told by the side of another guy, who met the actress after she broke her ex-boyfriend up. This story is pretty complex, hope you guys read the story attentively. 
Many thanks! Lan
Hanoi, 27 March 2011
1. I was an actor When I was a little girl, my father had a camera, I had a passion for expressing myself front his camera. I never thought I would have to lose many things, many relations to pursue that passion. In the world of the "Saturday Art", I needed many efforts to scramble for a position; especially when my father only was an anonymous cameraman, be anonymous in his whole life, he was not a really good cameraman. 
My first role was cast when I was studying the first year in the University of Theatre and Cinema, a five-episode TV series. It was…

You are the only man who loves me!

Introduction This story based on my big brother' story. He had a beautiful love story; however, one day, he and his girlfriend broke up with no reason. My brother was very sad in a long time. Suddenly, one day, he could re-contact his girl, but the following story was a tragedy. Hope you guys read the story attentively.  Many thanks! Lan
Note:There are several elements not suitable for people under 17 years old. Readers should consider when reading.
Hanoi, 20 June 2011
You were far away from me, I pained because of you. You were not near me anymore, My pain still lives in my heart, a lot.
My girlfriend had a very odd habit, she liked sleeping on her foot. I usually saw she was standing and leaning on a wall corner to sleep. So weird and funny! I never saw anyone like her before. One time, we went into a fast-food-restaurant, when I was queuing and waiting for my turn, she found a door near the toilet and stand-sleeping so well. In another case, I made my suggestion, she only smiled and p…

Do you love me forever?

Note:There are several elements not suitable for people under 17 years old. Readers should consider when reading.
Hanoi, 19 February 2010
That day was Christmas, a day with biting winds. The trees looked like frozen, and the winds looked like breathless. Everything seemed to roll in warm shells to shirk far away from the cold air of winter. That Christmas was also similar to the Christmas of the years before, I stayed at home, prepared some gifts and would send them after the Christmas. I was interested in sending gifts, but going out on a cold night that makes me scared. With the weather like this, I always feel sad - extremely sad. Maybe in the past few years, I often lost something. Loosing something? I did not know. Nah! Maybe some important relations. I did not know how to evaluate their importance to me. Maybe not enough, because they only brought to me the negativities, never seen any positives from them before. 
The day you left me, Hanoi seemed to set off the sun, The noisy st…